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Don't just take my word for it...

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Robert Richardson FIH

CEO of the Institute of Hospitality

“Natural talent, genuine passion, a drive to succeed” 

Louise has a proven ability to nurture and develop people from every walk of life; she is someone who excels at effortlessly inspiring your people along their journey to being not just the best versions of themselves, but the best versions of themselves for our industry and for your business. 

More than that though, Louise genuinely cares about your people, and your business. And when all is said and done, you can’t ask for more than that!

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Anne Lomas

Director of Restaurants

Louise is a passionate and driven leader whose people focus is evident. She is an inspirational coach who engages with those in her care to get the best from them. She appreciates the importance of understanding the needs of the business she works with as well as the candidate she places and has an acute ability to find the best outcomes for both. 


Having worked closely with her it has allowed me to witness a true ambassador for talent acquisition. She strives to provide the best journeys for all those she works with and has a wonderful, fun loving energy which is great to work with and an inspirational approach to leadership which is a true asset to all those in our industry. 

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REFER A FRIEND AND GET A £300 FOR you and £100 for your chosen charity.jpg

Phil Street

Co-Founder and Director

Louise is as people centric as they come.


I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the Hospitality Meets Podcast where she was immediately engaging, grounded, humorous, very open & honest whilst also displaying a real passion for people.


It's clear she is doing what she was born to do.

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Sarah Connolly

Founder - Freedom & Happy

Louise works to an extraordinarily high standard and has proven time and time again she is the go-to person within the luxury hospitality sector for all things recruitment. She is thorough in her work and her dedication and success in finding the right candidate illustrate not only her knowledge of the industry but also the care she has towards her clients and the role they are keen to fill.


Louise is an eternal optimist and a passionate leader who strives and achieves the best.

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Amanda Hall

Head of Learning & Development

During my time working with Louise, she constantly amazed me with her business insight, approach to solving problems, rapport building and talent acquisition instinct.


She quickly grasped what the business priorities were and worked in an incredibly pragmatic manner, earning her the respect of the business.


Louise is loyal, insightful and independent. She was always able to successfully complete any tasks with favourable results despite multiple stakeholder interests and deadline pressure in a fluid work environment. 


A real pleasure to work with!

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Gianluca Cossu

Executive Head Chef - Oswald's

Louise is an incredibly passionate person. Several times she helped me during my recruitment processes, finding Chefs of many levels for my brigade.

She is hard working, focused, humbled and always willing to help.

Very well connected in the industry and more importantly, honest and reliable.

Enthusiastic about her job and the hospitality World, she is a true talent scout, a great pleasure to work with her.


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  more to come!  

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